The "Digvijay Singh" fashion label is synonymous with quality and style. His inspiration lies in the cultural influences and the classical eras of our country. His imagination takes him on a journey to unforeseen lands of fantasy from where he brings to us the awe-inspiring runway collections. He manages to create magic by striking a perfect balance between western influences and eastern sensibilities. The cuts and fits are ingenious and in complete aesthetic harmony with the color palette and delightful details. Driven by a desire to innovate, this multi facetted designer strives to contemporize the conventional and revive the forgotten charm and simplicity of conventional Indian clothing. Traditional wisdom and modern sensibilities come together to create an ensemble that flaunts oodles of attitude and flamboyance.
Currently, Digvijay Singh is in association with Bhusattva, under which they make eco-friendly, organic garments under the label "Digvijay Singh for Bhu:Sattva"